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What do you do to help the environment?

All of our everyday cleaning products we have chosen are non-hazardous, in fact many of
them we use contain the eco-label flower (the official EU mark for greener products.

What about health and safety/employment law regulations and insurances?

We employ independent health and safety and law employment consultants who inform and
monitor our company and its procedures. Standard practices include: Training and monitoring,
COSHH and general risk assessments. We are fully compliant with TUPE legislation, so we
can help guide you through a smooth transfer from your present contractors. We are fully
insured for both employers and public liability insurance.

How will following TUPE legislation the cleaning improve when transferring contractors?

This is where we excel. The cleaning will improve, we carry out induction training for all existing
staff that wishes to transfer, make changes where necessary, and constant monitoring will take
place. Please ask us for references regarding this.