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Disaster Recovery Services

We also specialise in disaster recovery, undertaking work for almost all major insurers. This work ranges from
small accidental damage spills to large fires and floods.

As the area of disaster restoration continues to expand and become more complex, the need for skilled and
qualified staff has become imperative.

Each member of our Disaster Recovery Services team is trained to the industry’s highest standards to deal with
restoration following fire and water damage.

In addition to this, to qualify and deal with Commercial Claims, each operator must undertake specific training
courses to allow them to deal with the events that may face them in these circumstances.

Our advanced drying system allows us to reduce drying times by a factor of 5 to 10 times – on average that’s 5
days rather than 5 weeks. We recognise that one of the biggest pressures in commercial claims handling is that
of controlling and minimising the interruption to a business, and it is in such circumstances that our advanced
state-of-the-art technology ensures that the highest quality of service is maintained.